Benefits of the Kneeling Chair

knee stoolTo sit on a kneeling chair,, one would have to take up a sitting position with his thighs dropped at a 60 to 70 degrees angle from vertical unlike in a normal chair, with some of his body weight being supported by the shin bones. On finding a proper kneeling chair it can prove to provide you with many benefits, some of them are listed below:

Kneeling Chair Health Benefits

Pain relief from the special alignment:

The posture required for a kneeling chair and a normal chair is different. The spine is encouraged to take up an alignment similar to that of standing and with your thighs dropped on a rest, the compressive forces and weight of the upper body is distributed through the seat and legs giving you much less muscle strain. The pressure on the discs of the lumbar spine is relieved up to 35% and this will also improve blood circulation to the discs.  This makes the knee stool one of the most effective back pain products.


Instead of the knees, as done in kneeling, the shins actually provide a point of support which lets the body weight get distributed between the spine, the legs and the thighs. In turn there is no pain occurring in the spine. These chairs also aid greatly to pregnant women, particularly at later stages when the womb become heavier and there is increased pressure on the spine.

Improved activities of external and internal organs:

Kneeling chairs not only help in maintaining a correct spinal alignment but also enhances breathing, circulation and digestion. Lung capacity is also greatly increased and the heart is less pressurised which increases blood flow.

The work load and body weight is equally distributed in different parts of the muscular and skeletal system, thereby considerably reducing the pain and the compressive forces at one point.

Easy to use:

Set on castor wheels, moving these chairs around busy places are easy. Being a compact chair, these can fit in under almost any desk. The levels can be adjusted according to personal requirements, without fiddling with levers, knobs and handles just to get your desired height.

Increases core strength, concentration and performance:

A continued practice of using kneeling chairs adds to your muscle strength in the abdomen and around your spine. In third world countries, people are found with the ability to sit absolutely upright without using back support as they do not have the habit of using chairs. Bad work postures would more often than not lead to fatigue, headache, back problems and might aggravate injuries as well. Kneeling chairs encourage consistent performance rates and concentration levels.

Employing these chairs at work places:

Having begun with those having back problems, kneeling chairs are now a favourite of all kinds of people working in different job environments.

Some people have been so greatly influenced and helped by the best knee stool ( that they have found that they now just simply cannot do without the chair. At many offices, homes and work places, these chairs are being constantly noticed simply because they help you live better and become stronger.

Ball Chairs as an Ergonomic Solution

silver chairA yoga ball chair is ergonomically designed to suit your lifestyle. When sitting all day and slouching over a monitor can be stressful, this is one innovative product that can fill the gap between being stationary and still working out. The yoga ball chair is a simple Swiss ball placed over a bottomless chair or a Yoga chair. This will adjust to your movements, when you lean forward or sideways. The advantage is that it supports your lumbar back region and lets you breathe easy.

Traditional Yoga chairs are those that just support the back with a straight frame finish. The modern Yoga Ball Chair does more than that – it lets you work out while just sitting. While we sit all day and work on computers, the health hazards are many.

Standing up and raising the desk is an option, but that can still wear you out. You can otherwise choose to sit on a bean bag and work, the problems with doing that is your laptop is on your lap. In this article we won’t get into the health hazards of working with your notebook on your lap.  Click here for reviews on these chairs.

A yoga chair with a Swiss ball, lets you bounce when you are waiting for that email, or a download. It adjusts to your body shape so that you get the best comfort even when your boss is hounding over you. This innovative product is available with select retailers online. Apart from treating your lower-back problems, this will also make a style statement. In time, you will find your green-eyed colleagues getting one for themselves. Best part is, they will come to you for suggestions and you can put up a price.

Bottom line is that when it comes to business, we are at our best when we are relaxed. This is a product that will keep you calm and productive. You can call it class with an upper-cased “C”.

Knowing the Kneeling Chair

varier chairTo the uninitiated, a kneeling chair ( appears awkward, confusing and even uncomfortable. But for those who sit for extended periods of time, they are the exact opposite.

Why Use a Kneeling Chair

Today’s workplace has more people sitting at desks, tethered to their computers, day after day. The traditional sitting position causes lumbar and other back related issues that negatively affect health and productivity. Being able to adjust the height, angle or back support on any given chair does little to change the at-rest angle of the spine or the pressure put onto the lumbar area during a day’s work.

This ergonomic chair changes the basic sitting position and is quickly changing the notion of how one should sit in an office or at a desk in the process. By making it easy and comfortable to move the sitting angle of the thighs from a 90 degree angle to a 60 or 70 degree angle, the spine is able to settle naturally into a more comfortable and less stressful position. It might look funny, but it feels great.

There are plenty of variations to look for in a posture chair. The wooden, ergonomic chair has a more natural and holistic vibe, with memory foam options, simple notch-based adjustments and appealing design. The obvious function and goal of these versions is to promote back and lumbar health in daily living.

The desk or office version of the chair is designed to blend in to the typical office environment, and are very similar to traditional desk chairs when it comes to materials used and overall look. These versions offer features to accommodate sitting at desks, like additional adjustment options and basic needs, like wheels and armrests.

The bottom line is that with this chair, we can change the notion of how we sit during the work day and change the way we feel afterward.  To read reviews, check out